Playlist Recommendations for a Long Drive

Road trips are great, the open road, good company and the time and space to really enjoy a long drive are some of the things to look forward to on a road trip If you are planning a road trip we hope you have your driver’s license to hand. For you accommodation needs you can book a short stay with either or and it’s someting we recommend as a nice comfy bed is far better than sleeping in your back seat after a day on the road.

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The monotonous nature of driivng for long periods can present a challenge and to keep you alert while on your road trip, we’ve put together a playlist for a long drive.

1.    Magic Carpet Ride—Steppenwolf.

Great song to start a long drive with a good beat.

2.    Freedom—Aretha Franklin.

Sing this along with the Queen of Soul and feel your spirit fly.

3.    One Headlight—Wallflowers.

This song is always a good one on a long trip, with the beat the evokes moving down the highway, along with the lyrics.

  1. Fly Away—Lenny Kravitz.

“I want to get away, I wanna fly away.” How better to accompany a long drive?

5.    Drive—The Cars.

Chosen mainly for the title, but a sweet song by the Cars

6.    On the Road Again—Canned Heat.

Very different than the better-known song of the same title by Willie Nelson, with high pitched vocals and a rolling beat.

7.    Since U Been Gone—Kelly Clarkson.

Between the beat, and the challenging vocals, this is a great song for a long drive.

8.    Lose Yourself—Eminem.

Eminem’s tribute to perseverance and hard work, just knowing that your time is NOW

9.    Cocaine—Eric Clapton.

With the signature riff, does anyone not know this song?

10.    Back In Black—AC/DC.

Vintage AC/DC with their unique style and beat, with screaming guitars, try to fall asleep with this playing.

11.    I’m Still Alive—Pearl Jam.

A refrain that sticks with you, with enough variation in the tune to keep you alert

12.    Crossfire—Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Stevie’s virtuoso guitar playing, along with the tempo, helps to keep you alert and alive.

  1. Revolution—The Beatles.

From the opening riff with John’s scream to the end, just great driving song.

14.    Wannabee—Spice Girls.

“So tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

Try to ignore this song. You can’t do it.

15.    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough—Diana Ross.

The soaring vocals and great lyrics helped this song make a list.

16.    I’m A Believer—The Monkees.

Another happy song with a quick tempo to keep you awake

17.    I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)—the Proclaimers.

“And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more”…what a driver does not want to do on a long trip, so stay awake!

18.    Great Balls of Fire—Jerry Lee Lewis.

Jerry Lee’s hyperactive piano playing along with his raucous vocals makes this a fun song to listen to while driving.

19.    Set Fire To the Rain—Adele.

All about coming back from a long (internal) journey

20.    Living On A Prayer—Bon Jovi.

“Oh, we’re halfway there…” so keep going!

21.    Blinded By the Light—Manfred Mann.

Blinded by the headlights but keep driving!

22.    I’m On Fire—Bruce Springsteen.

The train beat, along with the sexiest Bruce voice ever, makes this a good travel song.

23.    My Immortal—Evanescence.

Amy Lee’s operatic voice cannot fail to keep you awake.

24.    ABC—The Jackson 5.

Little Michael, singing his heart out at an age most kids are learning their ABC’s. Just makes you want to dance.

25.    Enter Sandman—Metallica.

The beat and James Hetfield’s menacing vocals ensure you will not fall asleep.


Hopefully, this short list will help you choose the songs that are most appropriate for you to put on a playlist for a long drive. Choose something upbeat that will help keep you awake and alert, and you can’t go wrong.